Past kit - Mulan - Hobonichi weeks

Past kit - Mulan - Hobonichi weeks

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This kit  has enough stickers for 2 week's layout and more!

This kit includes:

  •  3 pages kit that is sized for the hobo weeks. It has washi strips, date covers, small functional boxes , check lists ,weekend sticker and icons that fit perfect in a small space.
  • 1 monthly UNDATED , so you can use it whenever you want ( with the kit you will receive a mini foil sheet with month name)
  • journaling card themed 
  • 3 die cuts themed
  • a FREE SPECIAL pencil board laminated that hold all your kit and can be used as pencil board in your hobonichi, fit perfectly in the pages ( you can see sneaks and pics on my ig profile @kinasadventures)
  • 1 FREE mini sheet (foil) with month name that fit perfectly in the monthly kit undated

If you preorder more than one kit each month, you will receive an exclusive item themed

This item is a preorder and will not ship until the week of February 22-27 th.

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